Britt, who has dementia and lives at a caring home, wakes up not knowing that her daughter is dead. Somehow she has to meet the fact, but nobody is telling her.

Jana Bringlöv Ekspong is a director and actress living and working in Umeå, Sweden. She wrote the script and played the part as Mikaela in the Teddy Award winning short film Undress me (2013).

Jana's films are often inspired by her own life. "Sunny Girl” stems from what she has seen and experienced as an assistant nurse.

Cast: Lena Strömberg , Eva Karlsson, Birgit Lindberg, Ushindi Yermos Kashindi, Jana Bringlöv Ekspong.

Produced by Lampray AB with support from Talang AC/BD, Filmpool Nord & Film i Västerbotten.