An inexperienced school nurse finds herself in a power struggle with a 16-year-old boy, and gets an unexpected opportunity to assert her authority.

Director Anna Brodin,​ born in 1990 in Umeå, Sweden. Anna likes to discuss subject such as gender equality and power structures with this film and future projects. She is also working pedagogically with the organisation Lynx Studios with workshops with the goal of getting more young girls interested in filmmaking.

Director Frida Sandberg,​ born in 1983, started her career as an actress for theater and film. The School Nurse is her first work as a director. Frida use her experience as an actress when working with directing amateur actors making the scenes feel natural.

Cast: Elvira Grenholm, Jonas Bergdahl, Åsa Grenholm, Emma Appelblad, Shayan Rad.

Produced by Lampray AB in association with Lynx Studios.

With support from Talang AC/BD, Filmpool Nord & Film i Västerbotten.